Helpful Hawaii Hints (Part 3)



And we’re ready for “Helpful Hawaii Hints” round 3. This is a compilation of the weekly tips we post on our Facebook page. Every time we hit 10 new hints, we write them up in a blog post so you can easily reference them while planning your next Hawaiian vacation! Please comment with any questions you’d like us to answer in a future “Helpful Hawaii Hint.”

  1. While you may be tempted to pack nothing but shorts, t-shirts and tank tops for your Hawaiian vacation, take note of which activities you will be doing and what time of year you’re coming. For certain eco-adventures, you may be required to wear long pants or layers (ex. Haleakala bike tour or horseback riding). You may also be surprised by how breezy it can get by the water at night, so if you’re doing a dinner cruise, sunset sail or luau, a light jacket is often recommended. And of course if you’ll be doing any hiking or ziplining, you’ll definitely want to bring closed-toed shoes with you! If you’ll be here during our winter months, it tends to be a bit rainier than usual so plan accordingly.
  2. Are you bringing young children with you on your vacation? Hawaii is great for kids – there are tons of fun activities to keep them occupied and plenty of family-friendly restaurants. A few suggestions: (1) For activities and tours, be aware of any age, height or weight minimums. (2) If you plan on renting a car, know that Hawaii law requires that children under the age of 8 years are properly restrained in a child passenger restraint system that meets federal motor vehicle safety standards at the time of its manufacture. Rental car companies can provide child seats, usually for an additional “per diem” fee, but you may want to check with your airline to see if you can transport your own for free. (3) If you are traveling on business or just need a day or evening apart from the little ones, there are babysitting services that will come to your hotel. We can provide further details if you need them!
  3. Whenever you travel, be sure to really do your research on the hotel(s) that you book. If you’re traveling for business, think about which amenities you need. Most likely, you’ll want wi-fi or at least high-speed internet and a desk in the room, possibly dry-cleaning service and maybe a business center, fitness center and complimentary breakfast. If you’re traveling for pleasure, your priorities are probably a little different. Maybe close proximity to local attractions is more important, or large swimming pools or a spa on property. Whatever your needs, your trip will be far more enjoyable if you know beforehand that the hotel will meet them!
  4. Pearl Harbor does not allow guests to bring in any bags, due to increased security measures. This includes purses, handbags, backpacks, fanny packs, large camera bags, diaper bags, luggage and/or any other type of bag that can conceal an object. There is a storage facility available at the entrance to the park where you may leave items for a $3 fee, but really it’s best to just not bring anything with you other than the basic necessities (wallet, phone, photo ID) and keep them in your pockets.
  5. Going on a helicopter tour? Wear dark clothing! Why? Unless you’re going doors off, you’ll be taking photos through a window. If you’re wearing anything bright, it will reflect off the glass and you’ll end up seeing your own shirt in all your photos – not to mention the photos of anyone else sitting on your side. Paradise looks a lot prettier when you can see it! 🙂 We can help you book your helicopter tour if you’d like assistance.
  6. When you go out on a fishing boat trip, leave the bananas at home. There’s a superstition that bananas on a boat are extremely unlucky. You’ll find all kinds of theories as to why this superstition exists, but whatever the reason, you will notice that all fishing tour companies in Hawaii mention that while guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks onboard, bananas will not be permitted.
  7. When traveling between islands, don’t forget that the same rules apply as when you fly on any major airline. You still need a government-issued photo ID (passport if you’re not a U.S. citizen), you still cannot bring any liquids in your carry-on, you are still limited to one carry-on bag, you still have to go through a security checkpoint and you still need to be checked in before a certain cutoff time.
  8. The weather here in Hawaii can be pretty tough to predict. Be sure to leave yourself at least one open “raincheck” day towards the end of your trip so that if any of your tours or activities get canceled, you can reschedule. If the weather ends up being beautiful the whole time, great! You’ve just saved yourself an extra beach or shopping day 🙂
  9. Motion sickness, or sea sickness, can quickly ruin what should be a fun excursion. Whether you’re on a boat, bus, plane, helicopter or even just driving around the island in your car, it’s always best to take preventative measures. You may want to pick up some Sea Bands from a nearby drugstore or try an over-the-counter medication such as Dramamine. Or, if you know that you have severe motion sickness, it may be a good idea to get a prescription medication, such as a Transderm-Scop patch, prior to your trip. Avoid foods or liquids that could upset your stomach or make you feel unusually full. Choose a seat where you will experience the least motion and sit facing forwards. If you’re on a boat, keep your gaze focused on the horizon or a fixed point. If you start to experience motion sickness, don’t dwell on it – try to keep your mind occupied. Consuming ginger or green apples, or smelling oranges can potentially help to alleviate the nausea.
  10. Don’t exhaust yourself. You shouldn’t go home from your vacation feeling like you need a vacation! It makes sense to want to pack as much into one trip as possible, especially if you’re not sure you’ll be visiting the islands again any time soon. But you’ll enjoy yourself more if you plan some leisure time to stroll along the beach, sunbathe, sleep in or sip a few cocktails.

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