What’s the deal with Kualoa Ranch?

Kualoa Ranch is one of the most popular attractions on Oahu, and for good reason. It was established as a working cattle ranch in 1850. Prior to that, the ancient Hawaiians considered it to be an incredibly sacred place. Kualoa has a rich cultural history and has become a family-owned enterprise – the goal of the owners is to preserve the natural beauty of the land, and to share it with visitors to the island. The ranch and its famous Ka’a’awa Valley have also been featured in countless films and TV shows throughout the years, including Jurassic Park, Godzilla, 50 First Dates, Lost and Windtalkers. It has something to offer every type of traveler; adventurers, explorers, sightseers, beachgoers, sunbathers, sea voyagers and cultural enthusiasts will all find a way to enjoy their time at the ranch. So how does it work?

Starting with the most basic option, you could simply stop by and go on their 20-minute Legends & Legacy tour. This is a quick storytelling tour about the ranch. The next step up from that would be to select one or more of their “Experience Tours.” They each last approximately 1 hour, with the exception of their Secret Island Beach tour, which is closer to 3 hours in duration (includes activities such as kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, canoe and glass bottom boat rides, beach volleyball, badminton, ping pong and relaxing in a hammock). Choose from the Movie Sites & Ranch tour, the Jungle Expedition tour, the Secret Island Beach experience, an Ocean Voyaging tour or their Ancient Hawaiian Fishpond & Tropical Gardens tour. If more than one of these appeals to you, you may opt for the Full Day Kualoa Experience Pass. It includes the Legends & Legacy tour, 4 1-hour experience tours (Secret Island Beach counts as 2) and a delicious BBQ buffet lunch.

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Kualoa Ranch also offers horseback riding and ATV tours, both 1- and 2-hour options. If you wish to try out the Experience Tours as well, there are a few different packages. The Half Day Adventure package includes your choice of either a 1-hour horseback tour or a 1-hour ATV tour, plus the Legends & Legacy tour, any 1-hour Experience Tour and a BBQ buffet lunch. The Full Day Adventure package is essentially the same but instead of just 1 Experience Tour, you get 3 (again, Secret Island Beach counts as 2). Can’t decide between horseback or ATV? The Deluxe Full Day Adventure Package allows you to do both, in addition to the Legends & Legacy tour, 2 1-hour Experience Tours and lunch.

ATV Tour

ATV Tour

Horseback Tour

Horseback Tour

If you’re interested in a more intimate tour of the ranch, the Kualoa Royal Experience is perfect for you! You’ll spend the day riding around in a limited seat deluxe mini-coach with a personal guide and enjoy a gourmet picnic-style lunch.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be in for quite a treat. Kualoa is absolutely breathtaking and so full of fascinating stories, you can’t help but have a great time!

Want to book your Kualoa Ranch package? Have questions about prices, times, availability or other top attractions in Hawaii? Contact Elite Concierge at 808-971-1943 or web@eliteconciergehawaii.com


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