Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures – Oahu’s Newest “Treasure”

Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures

Arrrrrr matey!

This past Friday, I rounded up my crew of scallywags and we climbed aboard Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventuresthe Treasure Seeker, Oahu’s new pirate ship that departs out of Kewalo Basin. We spent an hour and a half sailing the high seas (ok fine it was the Waikiki coastline) and having a ridiculously awesome time. This was the Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures 21+ Evening Cruise – they do offer a daytime all-ages option which I’ll discuss later, but this one is perfect for adults looking to party it up with a booze cruise like no other. It’s BYOB, which we actually preferred since it meant no waiting to be served the drinks and we weren’t limited to the typical mai tai’s that you get on most other cocktail sails. We figured hey it’s a pirate ship, so of course we brought rum. The only stipulation was no glass, so we just poured our bottle of Sailor Jerry’s into a plastic water container and picked up a few cans of Coke as our mixers.

Hawaii Pirate Ship AdventuresThe ship itself is extremely well-designed. I mean it seriously looks like the real deal – they’ve even got some medieval-style stocks on board (hilarious photo op). There are seating areas both fore and aft, with an open area in the middle that serves as a dance floor. There are also functional water cannons lining either side. Of course it’s not exactly like a real pirate ship – the masts are lined with colored lights that flash in time to the music and I’m pretty sure the sails don’t actually open, but for the purposes of the adventures, it’s everything you want it to be.

The crew is made up of a bunch of fun and friendly employees who dress, speak and act likeHawaii Pirate Ship Adventures true pirates. The evening cruise doesn’t have a ton of programming involved, as most of the time is left free for dancing and socializing, but they did put on a bit of an opening act for us to get everyone acquainted with the layout of the ship and then at the end there was a celebration for anyone on board with a birthday (I won’t spoil it for you but it was pretty funny).

We were lucky enough to get on for a Friday night, which meant we could see the Hilton Hawaiian Village fireworks show, which started about halfway into the cruise. I’ve watched them from the beach before, but this was a far more Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventurespleasant experience – no huge crowds to deal with, no sand in my shorts and a beautiful view of the city skyline with a full moon as the backdrop. So romantic! Plus after they were finished, rather than have to trudge off through the herd of people to reach the nearest bar, I just refilled my drink and went back to dancing.

If you’re wondering about the music, think club meets Irish, with some Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack thrown in. Trust me, it’ll get you moving. At one point we had a big dance circle going with one of my friends doing the worm in the center, and at another we had a conga line. ItWaikiki Coastline was quite the party!

In my opinion, this is honestly one of the best values in Waikiki. We all had so much fun, we’re already trying to figure out the next time we can go.

If you’ve got children, I would suggest looking into their Lost Treasure Excursion that takes place during the day. It’s a 90-minute interactive adventure that involves hunting for buried treasure and blasting rival pirate ships with the water cannons. Children receive a bandana, an eye patch, a temporary tattoo and a share of the treasure.

Interested in booking a pirate ship excursion? Have questions about Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures or other Hawaii attractions? Contact Elite Concierge at 808-971-1943 or web@eliteconciergehawaii.com


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